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“FANTASTIC!!!! So far so good, I like what I’m reading and I’m most definitely using all the information that you so kindly provided. Your ebook is truly amazing; it’s so comprehensive and so very valuable.”

Many thanks again,
Jaz Dadhra

“It’s coming to that point in my life when I am contemplating taking the next big step and may need to find that special ring my girlfriend would want to wear forever. After talking with several friends about the matter, it was clear that we didn’t have a clue on how to select a diamond ring. The Guide to Buying the Perfect Engagement Ring in the UK has helped to bridge that knowledge gap.

It provides a clear and through guide to selecting that perfect diamond ring. The guide steps the reader through what to look for in a diamond, how to choose the setting, how to select the best merchant, how to negotiate a better price and even how to avoid being ripped off. If you are contemplating the next big step then this is a must read if you, like I did, don’t have a clue about diamonds or rings.”

Cody McNamara

“I’d just like to drop you a quick note to say congratulations on your engagement, and a huge thank you for putting together ‘The Bible’ on engagement rings.

It truly is an invaluable resource for guys like me who know next-to-nothing about diamonds and engagement rings, but do know they have found the women they want to spend the rest of their life with! This e-book is such an easy read with so much information I cannot recommend it highly enough.”

Thanks once again,
David Atlas

“I found the Guide whilst researching a diamond solitaire for my girlfriend. The Guide put me straight on so many points! I can’t thank Mike enough as I was about to make a major mistake in the purchase of a stone. The backup service has also been fantastic as Mike has been able to answer several other queries for me.”

Nick B.

“The book has been an essential tool in my quest to find the perfect ring for my partner. I was a complete novice and a little bit daunted when it came to diamonds, however your book really helped me to understand the pitfalls and maximise my budget. The roadmap the book gave me to a successful purchase was invaluable, as well as helping me to crystallise my plan for the proposal itself.”

Thank you,
David Pierce

A friend recommended your site and I found it to be very informative and useful. Because of your site I have not rushed into buying an engagement ring.

Thank you,
Sarah Franklin